You may not realise what a private investigator can do for your business…


Over the past few months we have focused particularly on theft and fraud, in both personal circumstances and the workplace. Common themes have come up and we want to share the 5 top reasons why YOUR business needs a private investigator

  1. Pre Employment Checks

We do bang the same drum at times but we are finding more businesses making shortcuts when it comes to hiring staff. Picture this, you have worked hard and put in blood, sweat and tears to build a successful business. You want to relax more so you take on staff to take over the day to day running. You then make shortcuts and take on staff without really looking them and their character. 2 years down the line and they have siphoned away money from your business. What do you do now? Overnight your business could collapse for the sake of one individual.

Hindsight is wonderful, I know, so stop. Before you say yes to that particular candidate check them out. Really look at them. Which is where we come in. Providing a detailed report including DBS checks and financial vulnerability status gives you the information to make an informed decision. Don’t go on their word as unfortunately we live in a society where people aren’t as honest as they make out.

2. Internal Theft & Fraud Investigations

Every business owner, manager or senior will know the day to day running of a business can be stressful at times. One tip is to always keep an eye on the finances and stock, even if you have staff for it. If you notice a loss of revenue or stock, take action immediately. Keep an eye on where it is going and log all activity. We have specially trained investigators who will come in and work undercover in your business to find where the revenue and/or stock is going. We can compile a case file and work with the police to work towards a criminal conviction.

3. Surveillance: sickness fraud

Staff sickness is inevitable. It is when staff are on long term sick and you have suspicions as to whether they are in fact unfit for work. As a business, you are more then entitled to enlist the services of an investigator to monitor staff outside of work. We have recently carried out a case for a company who had 2 staff on long term sick. It took just two days of surveillance to compile a file evidencing that both subjects were fit for work as they were attending golf lessons on Saturday mornings as well as other social activities. The file was presented to them in a disciplinary meeting with the clients HR department and both were dismissed. The company saved revenue and employment morale and productivity increased.

4. Surveillance: Staff working for a competitor

Following on from above, staff sickness and holiday is part and parcel of being an employee. There can be times when staff who are on sick or leave will work for other companies or even competitors for cash in hand type work. To tackle this you should be aware of staff relationships as it is more then likely their co workers will be aware. Another recent case covered a week of surveillance on a subject who was on a week of annual leave and was working for another direct competitor. Again this resulted in a meeting with the HR department and our case file resulted in termination of employment with the employee as all grounds were evidenced.

5. Digital Forensics

Digital forensics protects your business from the theft of your digital files and intellectual property. In short we work with highly trained analysts who will dissect your business computers and phones providing a report showing what has been accessed and removed from the device. The reports are very detailed and can assist with legal cases against employees who are currently in the business or have just left. Evidence discovered is admissible in court, employment tribunals and other legal hearings, however it is imperative it is collected by a certified analyst as it is reported in accordance with the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) guidelines in relation to digital evidence. Don’t try and compile a case of this nature yourself. Contact us straight away to secure and preserve the evidence.

If you require assistance with any of the above, get in touch. We can talk through your options to assist your business and protect it from theft and fraud.

Author: Charlotte Thornber – Director & Founder of Taylor Investigations