The Business Show 2017

Last week saw the return of The Business Show at Olympia, London. It was the first time attending for Taylor Investigations and it was much more then expected. I was helping the 4Networking stand throughout the day as well as seeing speakers and connecting with some wonderful businesses.

One thing that stood out was the amount of young people in attendance. There was university students and graduates, all with a sense of excitement and soaking in the buzz of the environment. It was fascinating to hear their business ideas with a keen willingness to learn and succeed in the business world. Should there be more for young entrepreneurs?

I think there should be more education in schools for young people to get into business. Learning for them to understand how businesses run, tax, limited companies and marketing. Surely this would push more into the world or self-employment, as we know the employment world isn’t as secure as it once was.

There is a brilliant workshop run by Inspired Youth in Norfolk whereby they attend schools to try and encourage young people to think about business, however more should be done on a government level to enforce it within the curriculum. We would love an apprentice investigator! I’m sure they will learn a lot of transferable life skills!

In short, the business show was a huge success and we will be back next time. I would recommend getting any teenagers/students you know to attend and get themselves out there to see what they can learn.

‘Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn’ – Benjamin Franklin

Author: Charlotte Thornber – Founder of Taylor Investigations