Yes, you read that right. The NHS are using private investigators for compensation claims.


A recent article from the Daily Express has highlighted the use of Private Investigators for the NHS. They are investigating compensation claims on behalf of the NHS as there has been a rise of fraudulent claims.

Fraud within companies are common but with the NHS being a service for the public it doesn’t sit right with me that others try to abuse this. Make fraudulent claims against a free/reduced cost service to gain extra money is wrong.

Figures from the organisation that is responsible for paying out millions of pounds for NHS hospital blunders shows it is increasingly turning to private eyes to clamp down on fraudulent claims.

The sleuths are tasked with tailing the former patient to see how their day-to-day lives are affected by the alleged injury or illness they sustained in hospital from negligent care.

As well as following patients around, the private detectives also monitor the claimants’ social media accounts, such as Facebook and Twitter to see how their lives have been affected.

NHS Resolution admits that over the last four years it has overseen the hiring of detective agencies in a total of 129 cases and the numbers are rising sharply. In the last two years has seen the number of occasions private eyes have been recruited almost trebled in frequency compared to the previous two-year period.’

Where has the compensation mentality come from? Society seems to have an outlook of ‘where there’s a blame, there’s a claim’ which affects everyone else. Businesses will struggle to maintain a standard if they are having to deal with constant claims against them. If you cannot get treatment due to lack of funding in the NHS, is this because they cannot afford it as they have had to pay out for compensation claims which could potentially be fraudulent?

If someone has sincerely been subject of neglect or injury at the hands of another then there is no reason for a claim to be carried through, however fraudulent claims should be prosecuted to give out a message they will not be tolerated, and we welcome the use of investigators for the NHS to prevent such fraud

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Author: Charlotte Thornber – Founder of Taylor Investigations